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Have all of your systems in one place—memberships, courses, email system, sales pages, landing pages, and payments. No more wasting time on having to switch between business platforms, making it easier to manage your business and track your marketing goals.

Honeybook simplifies everything in the world of running a small business. From client experience and easy payment processes to scheduling meetings, inquiries, and proposals with organized layouts, HoneyBook handles all elements of your business. You can even sign new clients from the convenience of your phone!

Have you taken my free quiz? It is so fun AND helps grow my email list! Use my favorite quiz-maker, Interact, and get creative with serving your audience in a new way by creating a quiz to gain valuable insights into your client’s needs and pain points while growing your email list in a fun way!

The first thing you need to have in your business is a project management platform to manage your business, team, projects, and even family. Clickup helps me assign tasks to my team (YAY for getting stuff off my plate) and to ensure nothing is falling through the cracks. This platform is a CEO’s dream!

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