A VIP day experience designed to help you craft a high level strategy specifically for your business with Rossalvi as your CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) and CSO (Chief Strategy Officer).

Focus on what you do best, your zone of genius.
I'm here for when you want to scale things up.

You know your value.

But you need operations and systems.
You need to position your brand. 
You need to increase lifetime value for each client.
You need to expand your revenue.

Rossalvi is super knowledgeable in marketing & branding. She has helped me a LOT in how to brand my (new) online business & also has helped me find different ways market it. She also aims to SERVE you because she's been in your shoes which made me relate to her more. Anything Rossalvi offers, I say take that opportunity. You will NOT regret it! Thank you Rossalvi for all your help & for this great opportunity to work with you!



A VIP day experience to craft a high level strategy specifically for your business with Rossalvi as your CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) and CSO (Chief Strategy Officer).

This is for those that need a clear and concise roadmap for their business. 

A 5 hour strategy session with a main focus of your choice.


Top Tier

Have a virtual assistant, OBM, or social media manager?
Let me help your team support you at a higher level.

This is for those who already have at least one team member and would like to have Rossalvi as CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) and CSO (Chief Strategy Officer) to provide the “know how” on specific areas of marketing so that your team can support you at a higher level.

Let Rossalvi mentor your team and teach them about business strategies so that they can streamline and automate processes for you in your business.


“I am inspired by stories of people who transform their careers to work for them. Today, I want to inspire you with my story.”


Business consulting 

Family owned business


International Marketing & Sales

10+ years


Marketing Agency & Business Consulting Firm

Founder & CEO 

A look at my career PATH 

I am your CMO

I am your CSO

chief marketing officer

chief strategy officer

Your very own marketing department working remotely from New York. As someone who has experience in growing companies, creating strategic marketing plans, and building a cohesive brand, I audit your company, let you know what areas need improvement, and help you implement new strategies.  

I audit your business as a whole, put strategy at the forefront, and make your strategic planning process more effective. Let's talk numbers and product suite but let's back it up with data so we can create a sustainable business that aligns with you and you alone.

"Thank you so much Rossalvi for helping me to brand my business and to see it as a necessity for establishing an online presence to make a cohesive and finished product. I have received many compliments for the changes that you made and I am receiving the results that I wanted which is increased visibility and scheduling. Thank you for taking the time to study me and tailor my package to my needs and abilities. The entire experience was so personal and I knew I was not getting a cookie cutter package. I look forward to working with you throughout the years."


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