Do you know what your audience is looking for?⠀

In Marketing we often hear about traffic temperature, which can be applied to both product based and service based businesses.⠀

It is extremely important that you know the temperature of your audience because this will allow you to solve the problem or give them what they desire. ⠀

People buy from an emotional perspective.⠀
When you are about to invest in a Premium product, such as a new laptop, how much time do you spend looking at reviews, comparing pricing, etc?

Maybe this is you: “I need a laptop that is dependable, will last me for a long time, is a Premium brand, and virus-free. Even though it’s a big investment, I like it and need it and I know I won’t have to buy another one for a while.” You go through different emotions on how you will feel when you buy it and how excited you are to go and pick it up or get it in the mail. ⠀

Below you can see an explanation of the different traffic temperatures:

Cold Leads: They don’t know what you do and have never heard of you or your services when they become part of your audience. It is crucial that you provide them with valuable content through social media posts, blog posts, stories, podcasts, etc. When they get to know you, they will start warming up. ⠀

Warm Leads: They know what you do, they engage with you, ask questions, read your blog posts, listen to your podcasts, are on your email list, etc. They are evaluating if you can solve their problems and if you have what they desire. Make sure that you build a relationship with them so they can see what it would be like to work with you when they decide to purchase.⠀

Hot Leads: You have invested time with them, they are a client and the most important in your business. They will be the ones that refer you to others and for the most part, have continuous business with you. As with all current and potential clients, make sure that you provide them with high-level customer service at all times.⠀

Now, go and see whom you have in your audience, and say hello to those whom have followed you, and those you haven’t had the pleasure to introduce yourself to yet. This is a great opportunity to build relationships in your business!

Always remember to add value – we are here to build authentic relationships. 

What can you do today to connect more with your audience? 

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